Director’s Forum – Winter 2015


Since Ford unveiled the very first Thunderbird in 1954, Kraco has been inspired to find innovative ways to make your car more… your own.

We’re celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, and we have never stopped finding ways to improve your drive, providing customers like you the best in quality floor mats, seat covers, sun shades, car covers, air care and more. From our humble beginnings designing a range of snap-on whitewall tires that looked great and protected the tire, to today’s contemporary and innovative products we still follow that original philosophy of function and fashion that has defined Kraco for decades.

We design products with you in mind.

Our commitment to innovation gives you a broad range of products that deliver distinctive, on-trend design, materials and features yet allow you to inject your own style and personal expression to your ride. We pair that with functional benefits that deliver protection and comfort, while preserving the life and the value of your vehicle. Whether you drive an older classic or something fresh off the lot, we’ll be there to help preserve its value of years to come.

Real world usefulness.

Let’s say you’re a Soccer Mom. You are constantly shuttling kids everywhere. There’s just not enough time in the day to be cleaning up every little spill or grass stain. Imagine how practical seat covers and floor mats would be to keep things from getting out of control while protecting your car’s interior.

For the Millennials, we understand how important it is for you to showcase your style and have fun when it comes to your car. With our fashionable seat covers and matching accessories your car is as individual as you are.

If you are a working professional who is always on the go, we have great news for you. We have designed very functional accessories that will provide maximum comfort, organization and protection to help make those hours of drive time more productive and comfortable. And don’t forget, the added benefit of preserving the value of your car, whether it’s leased or purchased.

No matter who you are or what you drive, offensive odors always seem to find their way into your vehicle. Whether it’s the lingering onion rings odor from a fast food lunch, cigarette smoke, wet dog or a funky gym bag, we’ve got a wide range of air care solutions to eliminate those odors and freshen the air to make the inside of your car smell just how you want it to.

When it comes to fashion, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that your car is an expression of you, and that you take pride in wanting to make it look its best and last. Our designers are constantly creating new, on-trend options for accessorizing. Kraco Kits let you coordinate accessories so you can easily customize your wheels, your way. Floor Mats come in a variety of colors and materials: rubber, carpet with rubber and carpet – all with a quality look that’s as good or better than the original flooring. Seat Covers and Steering Wheel Covers feature designs ranging form from classic to edgy. There’s something to match any personal style. And to make a “cool” statement, our Sun Shades let you show off your personality with designs from crazy art to beach scenes, and everything in between.

We’re right in your neighborhood.

Look for Kraco products in the leading automotive retailers or in most automotive aisles of mass merchandisers, club drug and select grocery stores. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a soccer mom, an on-the-go professional or a certified sports nut, our accessories can add style, comfort and protection to one of your most important possessions.

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