Get a Grip with Kraco Steering Wheel Covers

Steering_Wheel_Cover_GlamYour vehicle is an extension of your own individual style. When you customize it with a combination of seat covers, floor mats and other interior accessories, don’t forget a steering wheel cover can complete your car’s custom look. Kraco’s wide range of styles – from basic OEM colors and leather accents to fashion designs – fit well and complement your personal style. Then there’s the added safety and comfort that a steering wheel cover provides.

Better Hold in the Bitter Cold

In cold climates, holding tight to a “naked” steering wheel means frigid fingers that can make for a loose, unsafe grip. Steering wheel covers can help give you better control by encouraging a better grip on the wheel. And what’s great is that Kraco steering wheel covers can easily change out as often as your mood. They’re easy to install, and they’re easy to remove – for cleaning or changing them out seasonally, or whenever the mood strikes.

Versatile and functional, you can choose from Kraco slip-on, cushion-grip steering wheel covers to provide style and reduce driver fatigue, and Kraco Fashion and Specialty steering wheel covers to fit your mood and provide added comfort and control. Leave it to Kraco’s Breakthrough Innovation to cover you and your steering wheel.

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