Kraco® Sun Cutter Sunshades Keep You Riding in Comfort

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You’ve packed your family and/or your pets in the car and you’re on the road again. Maybe you’ve decided to go visit the relatives or you’ve just taken some time off to get out and enjoy the scenery. It’s a beautiful sunny day but no one can see a thing because of the bright light bouncing off the windows. Keep your passengers comfortable by reducing the outside glare with Kraco Sun Cutter family_shot_cutters_300sunshades.

You can keep Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades on your car windows all the time with convenient suction cups or remove the sunshades

when they’re not needed. Because they reduce the glare but don’t block your view, they provide year-round comfort for passengers who are young and old alike.

Sunshades Help You Avoid Blinding and Damaging UV Rays

Parents will love how Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades keep the sun from shining in their children’s eyes, especially when their child seats have them restrained in one location. Older passengers will be happy to know that Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades keep them protected from direct sunlight and damaging UV rays, whether in hot or cold climates.

Available for Rear, Side and Profile windows, Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades come in assorted Frog, Panda and Bear designs to delight the kids during their travels. Sun Cutters are also available in Vintage Surf and Standard Black.

Keep your passengers riding in comfort with Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades. We’re leading the way with quality and innovation to keep you loving your ride.

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