Organize Your Drive

Today’s lifestyles are busier than ever. Everyone is on the go. There’s the daily work commute and dashboard dining. Moms are zooming from Zumba to carpooling. Dads are running to the home improvement store on the weekends and teen drivers are zipping around town, balancing school and social activities. Whew! It can all take a toll on you and your car. Kraco’s line of Interior Car Accessories can help by keeping your car organized and uncluttered throughout your fast-paced day.Interior_Accessories_425x370

If you’re like me, you do everything but sleep in your car! (OK, maybe an occasional nap.) Kraco makes it all a little more civilized. Bring your sunglasses, iPods® and bottled water. Or, pack that snack for later in the day. Whether you’re picking up the kids or heading out on a road trip… no worries. Kraco has an organization answer just for you.

Tame the Clutter Cluster

Kraco’s Visor Organizer and Glove Box Organizer give you plenty of room for all the essentials — iPod®, sunglasses, cell phone and tire gauge. Need a place for business cards and pens? There’s a perfect spot.

Kraco’s Neoprene Cup Holder -Vent Clip is perfect for holding that extra drink and Kraco’s Cup Organizer has room for spare coins, your cell phone, a notepad, pen… you name it. There’s even a stylish Litter Bag, so you don’t have to use that leftover plastic one from the grocery store!

For larger item storage, look to Kraco’s Back of Seat Organizer. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the ample room. Flashlight, maps, window scrapers and cleaning supplies all stow nicely. Parents will love a place to store toys, wet wipes and snacks for the kids. Pet owners will love the space the Back of Seat Organizer provides for leashes, treats and other necessities. Finally, you can have everything you need for a day of work or fun organized and ready to use, right on the back of your seat.

Who Says Safety Can’t Be Stylish?

Drive and arrive to your destination looking good. Kraco’s stylish Seat Belt Covers will help reduce wrinkles in your clothing and drive a little more comfortably. Kraco makes life a little bit easier with its broad line of functional, affordable and stylish Interior Car Accessories. Check them out now.

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