Outsmart the Elements with Rain-X® Branded Car Covers

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So you just bought a car. Maybe it’s your first car. If you’re lucky, it’s new. But even if it’s used, it’s new to you. Nothing is more frustrating than having the neighbor’s cat walk across your car or the tree next door leave droppings on it. Protect your car from dust and debris with Rain-X car covers.


Rain-X Car Covers Protect Glam_car_cover_2x_425x3701Your Car’s Paint and Rubber

Today’s air isn’t as clean as it used to be. Chemicals built up in the atmosphere can be dropped right from the sky onto your car. Even in a light rain, rainwater can seep into and degrade the rubber lining of your car exterior. Sprinklers in the yard blow an occasional mist in the direction of “your baby” and birds do their part in leaving a mess that can scar your car’s paint job for life. Rain-X car covers will help protect your car, even in the messiest environments.

No Garage or Carport? Rain-X Car Covers Have You Covered

If you’re one of those people who don’t have a garage or carport to house their car, or if those areas are being used for storage, don’t worry. Rain-X car covers can help keep your car looking good even when parked out in the open. Beach residents will love how Rain-X car covers keep salt from attacking their paint. Rain-X car covers protect your car exterior by providing a non-scratch fabric, UV protection and water resistance all year long.

A Quality Car Cover Just Your Size

Constructed from the highest quality, each car cover comes equipped with attached five way vehicle tie-down straps and grommets, to conveniently hold the cover in place without damage to the car. And every cover comes with an attachable antennae patch for non-retractable car antennae’s, along with a handy storage bag.

Rain-X car covers come in Lite, Ultra and Luxury models to fit any vehicle. And Rain-X brand car covers come with 3, 7 or 10-year warranties – the best in the industry. So why take a chance on the elements? Keep your car looking like the day you bought it with a Rain-X car cover.

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  • Eddy Tune says:

    Do you have a car cover for a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder? If so, how much is the cost?

    They never have them in stock where I shop.

    Thank you

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