Ozium® Eliminates Odors While Killing Nasty Airborne Bacteria and Germs

By February 5, 2015 Air Care 3 Comments

Girl_with_ColdClean, purify, deodorize and sanitize the air you breathe with OZIUM Air Sanitizer. OZIUM was originally developed to combat airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is safe to use around children, food and pets. OZIUM is also clinically proven to eliminate odors, not mask them like other products. Airborne contaminants and odors are eliminated with OZIUM’s exclusive glycolized action. OZIUM dispenses microsized particles that linger and float in the air for up to 4 hours. The OZIUM particles attach to airborne bacteria and odors, killing those germs and eliminating odors and air pollution. OZIUM spray is now available for your car, home, boat, and office in two sizes and several scents: Original, Citrus, Vanilla, Outdoor Essence, Country Fresh and New Car Scent.


  • Lydia J Collins says:

    In all my year’s of smoking, cleaning houses and working in restaurants. Your product””OZIUM”…….Is the best I have ever found!!!!!!!

    • Lydia J Collins says:

      Your product OZIUM Air Sanitizer is the best I have ever found!!! All my years of smoking, cleaning houses and working in restaurants. Your product is the best!!!!

  • David van blake says:

    Need product bar code for 0.8 ounce spray. Wish to buy more,but it is an almost unknown item. With bar code store can order more.

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