10 Car and Home Air Care Options to Keep the Air Around You Smelling Fresh

With Kraco’s Breakthrough Innovation in Air Care technology, there’s no reason to drive around with a smelly car and no reason to have a smelly home. Kraco offers ten innovative air care formats to give you a fresh air fragrance when you want it, where you want it. Take a look!

  • Scents™ On Demand™ — Simply turn the dial one “click” to release two hours of fragrance, or control the intensity by turning the dial more or less. Scents On Demand patented technology works great in hot and cold weather and doesn’t require air flow from your car vent, so you can use it anywhere you want to control odor: in your car, in the bathroom, in the gym bag, in the kitchen… the uses are endless.scents_marchpost
  • Scents™ Smart Release™ — Patented Fuel Cell technology delivers a consistent stream of air care fragrance for 45 days… the most consistent in the auto care market. It doesn’t require any airflow from your car vent, and you can be assured that the fragrance strength on Day 45 will equal the fragrance strength on Day 1. Works great in the heat and cold and can be placed hanging or hidden.
  • Scents™ Leaf Paper — Whether you love the scent of New Car or you prefer the smell of cherries, Paper Scents have you covered with 12 available fragrance options. Available in designs including leaf, cherry, strawberry, coconut and other fashionable designs, they come in 1, 3 and 4-packs.
  • Scents™ spray air freshener — For immediate results, use Scents Pump Spray bottle. Available in eight fragrance choices, they come in a variety of sizes.
  • Scents™ Ultra-Gel™ — Ultra-Gel features quality air care fragrance in a convenient no-spill 1oz can. Place it anywhere for long-lasting freshness.
  • Scents™ under the seat™ — Fragrant scent crystals come in an aroma-releasing mesh pouch and can be placed anywhere air care is desired: in your car, home, boat, bathroom, kitchen, garbage pail. Choose from Strawberry, Vanilla, Outdoor Breeze and Wildberries fragrances. Easy to hide, it freshens air in a snap.
  • Scents™ vent sticks™ — Vent sticks clip discreetly onto any part of your car interior and are designed to blend in. Increase the fragrance level by using more than one at a time. Available in a handy 4-pk, the reseal package feature keeps unused sticks fresh.
  • Scents™ vent oil™ — Circulate fragrance freshness throughout your vehicle with patented technology from Kraco. Designed to be used in auto air vents, vent oils are disposable and easy to use. Available in 10 single scents and 4 dual scents that combine two fragrance experiences, Kraco’s got a fresh scent just for you!
  • Scents™ Novelty – Effective air fresheners in decorative shapes such as dolphin, palm tree, soccer ball, paw print and more! Personalize your driving experience with these fragrance favorites.
  • Loaded™ super stone® — Use these solid concentrated air care stones just about anywhere for strong, high-quality long lasting freshness and value.

There’s no need to look anywhere else for Air Care products. You can breathe easy, because Kraco has the market covered with its expansive Scents collection. What’s your favorite scent? Try them out and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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  • Frances ONeil says:

    Please email me the ingredients in your Scents Coconut spray air freshener. Really would like to know what chemicals I’m spraying in car and house. Thank you.

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