ATV’s Need Love Too; Use a Rain-X® ATV Cover

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There’s another four-wheeled friend out there that needs a little loving, too. It’s your ATV. Second to your weekly ride, this weekend companion supplies you with plenty of fun and excitement, so you’ll want to keep it in great working condition. Keep your ATV looking great with a protective Rain-X® ATV Cover.

Kraco ATV CoversSometimes those trips to your fun zone can be tough on your toys. You pack ‘em up in the back of your pick up or tow them behind, and you forget about them until you get to your destination. If you don’t have them covered on the way, bug splatter, dirt, grime, road salt and anything else the road dishes out can really take its toll on the finish and the parts. Plus, the beating sun on the surface of your ATV can make the paint fade, or the seat fabric deteriorate. In between rides, keep your ATV ready to go by keeping it covered and protected with a Rain-X® ATV Cover.

Rain-X® ATV covers have UV protection and are made of durable water-repellant 150D polyester that won’t scratch your paint surface. Grommeted buckle holds keep your ATV cover in place, even with high winds encountered at the beach or in the desert. Dual air vents allow your ATV to dry out, even when covered. So when bad weather strikes, you can just throw the cover on and “get out of Denver.”

Kraco has just about everything you need to keep your four-wheeled friends in tip-top condition. Be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Outsmart the Elements with a Rain-X® ATV Cover from Kraco.

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