Director’s Forum – Putting Innovation Into the Installation

Kraco® innovation is driven by a commitment to give our customers fashionable, functional and on-trend products that appeal to every car enthusiast.

Whether you are protecting the seats in your car, adding personal style, extending the life of your flooring or simply organizing the interior, there’s a Kraco product to make time spent in your car more enjoyable while preserving its value. Our product teams are constantly working on many new design and technical advances to give you products that will add additional comfort, safety and fashion to your vehicle.

Putting innovation into the installation.

It goes without saying that Kraco products serve very specific purposes from comfort and safety to protection and style. What makes them all really appealing is that they are designed for easy installation.

Floor Mats are truly customizable by simply cutting along “Trim-to-Fit” guidelines, so they just drop into the floor areas of your car. Special technology helps anchor the Floor Mats to the carpet to prevent movement.

Seat Covers have a system of grommets and elastic straps that anchor and help shape them to your seat for a truly custom fit. They’re easily installed without removing seats and without tools.

Sun Shades come in both easy to use accordion and collapsible Magic Shades® that pop open and fit comfortably in the windshield area. In the summer, they actually will reduce the temperature inside your car by 44 degrees.

When the inside of your car needs refreshing, our Air Care products can simply clip on the vents, hang on the rear view mirror, spray or sit inconspicuously under the seat. Nothing could be easier!

You won’t have to struggle with securing your car cover – our Rain-X® Car Covers feature fasteners and belts that hook easily onto your car.

Even Steering Wheel Covers are designed for ease of installation and simply slip on right over your steering wheel. And the extra comfort and grip they provide really enhances the driving experience.

“How To Install” videos take you inside the car.

Kraco has created more than 20 professional videos that describe key features and benefits of all our products. The “How To” installation videos actually take you inside the car and show you how easily it’s done, from your perspective. See them in our video library.

It’s all here.

Our all new website has lots of information that will help you make great decisions when it comes to accessorizing your car. Also, you can look for our new packaging, with key features and benefits clearly communicated, so you’re sure to find the right product for your particular need at leading automotive retailers or in most automotive aisles of mass merchandisers, club drug and select grocery stores.

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