Get Out of the Sun with a Glare Guard Sunshade

Now, more than ever, we are aware of the damage UV rays from the sun can cause. Even when you’re in your car, some people can be very sensitive to the sun – it’s harmful. Find your place out of the sun and guard your skin from too much sunlight and glare with a Kraco glare guard sunshade.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the destruction of the ozone layer over time has made it dangerous to be in the sun for too long. On especially long drives, your skin is exposed to the sun without you being aware. How many times have you taken a road trip and come to find that you have a better suntan on your left arm than your right? You can cut down on this exposure and the glare that comes with it by placing a Kraco Sun Spot Glare Reducer on your window. It stays on with suction cups and can be easily removed or repositioned to another part of your vehicle, as the need arises.

Passengers will also like Kraco’s Glare Guard Roller Shade that lets them roll the shade down when things get too bright, and then roll it back up when they feel like it. You never have to remove the shade, so it comes in handy anytime for any VIP who may be in your car… grandma or grandpa, little Johnny or even Fido. You can pull it down a little or all the way, for complete comfort and satisfaction every time.

Kraco’s breakthrough innovation mantra means they always have your best interest in mind. Whether it’s glare guard sunshades or something that makes more of a fashion statement, whenever you’re looking for car products that can improve the quality of your drive or just make you feel a little more comfortable and special, look to Kraco… they’ve got you covered.

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