Kraco® Car Seat Covers Fit Your Lifestyle

Let’s face it… we’re all spending a lot more time on the road these days. There are places to go and people to see; there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. It all adds up to wear and tear on our vehicles – under the hood, on the exterior and inside. Fortunately, Kraco has an extended line of car seat covers that will protect the life of your seat. Plus, they’re styled with product features that are designed for the kind of person you are, to fit your style and lifestyle. Take a look!Seat_Cover_425x370

If you’re an outdoor type, Kraco’s X-Line Bucket car seat cover is a great choice for you. It’s designed with a back of the seat cargo holder that’s perfect for maps, water bottles, a pet leash… all those extras needed for your on the go lifestyle. The two-tone, breathable fabric of this car seat cover is suited to high energy. It’s an on the road companion you’ll want for any type of car.

Kraco’s Specialty Line of car seat covers also includes Tweed, Saddle Blanket and Sheepskin designs in varying bench seat and bucket styles, as well as a Safety Fit car seat cover for bucket seats that have exposed controls. These car seat covers are perfect for those who want a classic car seat cover design.

Of course, those of you with big trucks will love Kraco’s seat covers specially made for full-sized trucks. They’re available in 2-piece bucket, 1-piece bench and a 3-piece 60/40 set with many color and style options. There’s sure to be one to fit your needs.

Lastly, if you like to live your life on the sportier side, check out Kraco’s popular Racing and Sport designs. With Neoprene car seat covers that are water-resistant, and vented car seat covers for added cooling, they’re sure to keep you racing types comfortable in heated situations. Plus, there are dual color performance car seat covers featuring black with red, blue or silver. Very classy!

Keep your close companion looking good and in great shape. Choose a Kraco car seat cover that fits your personal style and nurture the relationship between you and your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did!

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