5 Ways to Keep Your Millennium Falcon Fresh

As a smugl,– someone in the transportation business, you find yourself out and about in the galaxy quite a bit. Your ship is your home and all the places your work takes you really takes a toll on the ship. Sure you may have won it in a game of Sabacc, but you still want to maintain the quality of your precious Millennium Falcon.


1. Sun Protection

Tatooine.. Whether you’re here to pay a visit to an old friend, or to pay off some other things, this planet seems be trouble every single time. With two suns beaming on its surface, things can heat up pretty quickly. When you’re away from the ship, use reflective sun shades to keep the heat out.


2. Eliminate Smells

Maybe you have a little extra cargo you’re carrying when repaying an associate. The extra cargo happens to be nasty little dinkos. We all know how bad dinkos smell, and that stuff just does not go away. Luckily there are a few things that can get rid of any odor in the universe.


3. Floor Protection

So one of your many “special modifications” includes installing new carpet in your ship. This is great, until you have to pick up a buddy from the planet Dagobah. You can run the risk of them bringing in a swampy mess right into your new carpet. Don’t let that happen, try some rubber floor mats to keep the sludge off your ship.


4. Dust & Dirt Protection
You’ve got another run, and it’s to Tatooine again. Except this time, you won’t have a nice landing bay to set her down in. You’ve got a delivery on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, in the desert. Great, that new paint job you just put on is going to suffer. Don’t let that happen, cover up your ship when it’s parked out in the elements. Remove before flight.


 5. Organization


Like any good transporter, you’ve built in some secret compartments in your ship. However, it’s a mess and you’ve got random storm trooper helmets in places they don’t belong. Tidy things up with interior organizers. For the larger items, try some cargo bags.

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