Kraco Rides the California 4-track Car Stereo Wave

This week, we’re flashing back to the wild and wonderful sixties. Since Kraco was all about satisfying the needs of the car enthusiast, they jumped on board with the distribution of a 4-track car stereo that could be installed in the car dashboard.packaging

Take a look at this psychedelic package design for an early boom box! I feel funny already…

Celebrities Led the Way

Frank Sinatra was known to have a 4-track installed in his car. Music was produced on 4-track tapes by Columbia records and a few select others to be enjoyed in the car and in the home. Kraco rode the California 4-track stereo wave throughout the 70s.

Flash forward to the late 70s when Lear Jet owner, Bill Lear, took a ride in a car equipped with a 4-track stereo. 4-track tapes had a problem with slipping, flutter and speed control. Bill Lear improved on the technology, developing a better track roller system that used hard, cured materials rather than the soft ones used in the past. By the late 70s, his 8-track system would soon outperform 4-track sales and cause them to fade into history.

What’s Your Favorite 70s 8-track?

Today, 8-track stereo systems bring back many great memories for those of us who grew up in the 70s. They offered hours of music enjoyment, both at home and in the car.

Do you have a favorite 8-track title that you listened to until the tape broke? My favorites were Ted Nugent Weekend Warriors and Double Live Gonzo. Oh yeah, and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road from Elton John and Meatloaf. Actually, the list goes on and on.

We’d love to hear about some of your favorite tunes that were played on an 8-track. Go ahead and share your favorites here. We’d love to reminisce.

Until next Friday…

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