Is Your Car A Pig Pen? Give It A Ride Rehab.

Remember that little boy in the Charlie Brown cartoons named Pig Pen? Everywhere he went a cloud of dust would surround him. His face and clothes were always dirty. He seemed kind of homeless. Is your car a pig pen? Give it a ride rehab.

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Well, we know that’s how our rides get from time to time… smelly and dirty. Yuk! It seems as if there’s no one taking car of them. They look kind of lost and abandoned.

It doesn’t take much to make your car smell fresh and appealing, even after the occasional hamburger and fries run. Just pop in, hang up or unleash a can of Kraco Scents™ air freshening product into you ride and you’ll be taken away by an Outdoor Breeze or a Tropical Shower, Wildberries or an Island Colada… just to name a few.

With so many Kraco Scents to choose from, in so many dispensable options and at such affordable prices, there’s no reason to have your car labeled the “smelly” ride.

Scents air care comes in the nostalgic “Leaf” paper version, in Smart Release fuel cell technology that lasts 45 days, in a handy pump, an ultra gel, under the seat™ crystals, vent sticks, vent oils and Novelty designs like dolphins or paw print. We know there’s a favorite scent and design to fit your personality.

Kraco Scents products are just one of the ways to give your car a Kraco ride rehab. If you haven’t entered to win your stash worth $500, take a shot of your ride and enter here to upload your submission. Check out our official rules here.

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