A Car Cover Keeps Your Crappy Car from Getting Spotted

Who says it has to rain for your car to get spotted? Plenty of us have washed our car and parked it safely in the driveway, just to wake up in the morning to find it covered in spots from the sprinklers that went on earlier that morning. Bummer!IMG_0022-2

Even more of a drag is when you’ve spent time shining up your ride, just to find that your neighbor’s cat has left its paw prints all over it! Or the tree you parked under has left sap and berry droppings all over your paint job.

Enter our Kraco ride rehab promotion, and you could get a free Rain-X® car cover, and more, to protect your ride.

Car Covers Protect Against Surface Deterioration

The sun can really take a toll on surface paint, rubber around the doors and even your car dash. By using a car cover, you can keep the sun from beating down on your vehicle, and decrease the fading of seat covers and cracking of hard rubber surfaces.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to control pollution particles that drop down on your car unexpectedly or airplane fuel that’s dumped, due to an unforeseen circumstance. Taking a few minutes to cover your car, even if it’s crappy, can save a world of hurt. Plus, a car cover can hide all the mess that’s inside. Yes, there is a method to your madness!

A Car Cover Can Cut Down on Dents and Scratches

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving your car parked in a crowded parking lot and returning to find a nice new scratch or dent. A car cover can help decrease the impact of a stray shopping cart or cut down on scratches caused by debris tossed in the wind.

Are You A Beach Goer?

Many times, when it’s windy at the beach, sand can scratch your car. Salt water in the air can also settle on your car and leave particles that can scratch your paint. You certainly don’t want to stop visiting one of your favorite places, so use a Kraco Rain-X® car cover for a little extra protection and rest easy.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

A Rain-X® car cover protects your car exterior and interior by providing non-scratch fabric, UV protection and water resistance all year long.

IMG_0003And they come in a variety of sizes, so there’s one that’s just right for you. Check them out here and make sure you don’t get spotted.

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    I am still the care giver for senior family members — Walt(wife’s dad), Mary(my Mother), Gladys(Wife’s Aunt) and Joyce(also related to my wife).

    I am depressed due to trying to help my brother Larry, who’s wife died in their house fire, he lost his job, and is also has health problems too.

    May I have samples of your liquid spray air fresheners, free of charge, please.

    Thank You for your Time, Efforts and Kindness.
    Daniel Marsh

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