Fight the Cold and Flu Season with OZIUM®

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Break Out A Can of Ozium

It’s starting to get cold outside. Leaves are falling from the trees and the air is crisp. Even in Southern California, “shorts” weather is turning into “jeans” weather. What’s more, kids are outside at football games and other sporting events, and coming home from school with aches, pains, and the sniffles. Someone in your family will be prey to a cold or the flu this holiday season. What can you do to arm yourself against unwanted germs, so you can enjoy your time with the relatives? Break out a can of OZIUM.

Convenient Size for Travel, at Home or In the Office

For vehicle use, the 4 oz. compact version is a good size. It fits easily in the glove box. But for larger needs in homes or offices, try our new 8 oz. size. Ozium is clinically proven to eliminate offensive odors and eliminate airborne germs. Plus, it comes in these popular scents: Original, That New Car Smell, Vanilla, Outdoor Essence, Citrus and Country Fresh.


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