Red Gets Your Motor Running

Did you ever wonder why red is associated with Valentine’s Day? Of course it’s the color of a heart… at least when oxygen hits it. But more than that, there’s a whole psychology as to why it stimulates certain reactions in the human body. And it just so happens that many Kraco products like steering wheel covers, seat covers and car fresheners feature this high-energy color.

Red Grips Attention 

Steering_Wheel_Covers_425x370Just think about how you feel when you look at Taylor Swift’s bright red lipstick. Its intense color pulls your focus in — male or female. It’s become the signature look for many young women who want to attract attention. And let’s not forget that Eve was so tempted by a bright red apple that she just had to take a bite. Yes, red stimulates appetite, as well. Anyone for a red, heart-shaped box of chocolates?

Love and Passion

Red summons strong emotions. It creates a sense of urgency, and raises blood pressure and heartbeat. For women, it’s a popular lingerie color choice. And for men, it’s the perfect color for a hot sports car. It’s the color you see in a sunrise or sunset. It evokes energy and strength.

Add Action, Adventure and Excitement 

So if you’re looking for Valentine gift ideas, remember… you can’t go wrong with red. Kraco has many product choices that stimulate the human senses. From air care to seat covers to car accessories, they all make your life on the road a little more bearable.

So bundle up and get ready for action and adventure on the road. Embrace the potential of red.


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