Longer Days Call for Road Trips and Window Tint

desert_sunNow that Spring has sprung and Daylight Savings time has arrived, you’ll probably be spending more time on the road enjoying the sights and sounds of summer. While road trips can be lots of fun, it’s always nicer when your vehicle is cool and comfortable. Here are seven reasons why window tint should be on your list of items to keep your ride cooler and enhance summer fun.


Cooler Travels

Studies show that a car can heat up to 40 degrees hotter within just one hour parked in the sun. Window tint can block about 40% of heat, according to Tint World; according to motherjones.com, that’s about 5 to 10 degrees cooler!

Cooler traveling also cuts down on heat exhaustion in children and nervousness in pets. Since these travelers often sit in the back seat, there’s no reason not to take extra measures to make sure they are comfortable. After all, they are precious cargo.

Conserves Energy

If we want to continue enjoying our world, we all have to take a part in conserving energy. Reducing the heat inside your vehicle means you won’t be running the air conditioner as often, which in turn means your vehicle will be using less energy.

When the air conditioner workload decreases, so dies fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions, according to aftermarketnews.com. Adding window tint to your vehicle is an easy way to do your part for the planet.

Reasonable Aftermarket Addition

I’m sure you’ll agree, one of the ways we express our individuality is by customizing our ride. Applying window tint immediately makes your ride look sportier and is one of the most reasonably priced cosmetic additions you can make to instantly transform the look of your car or truck.

Sun Spots

OK, so I know this shows my age. But Millennials will be glad I shared this with you now. Window tint can help you look younger longer.

I have quite a few road trips under my belt. As a result, the left side of may face has a few more of those annoying brown spots that show up after too many years in the sun. Factory windows don’t do enough to block harmful sun rays. According to a study in Dermatologic Therapy, “daily protection can reduce lifetime exposure by 50 percent or more,” adding that window tint “blocks 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays.”

In addition, the OC Register reports that, if you present a doctor’s note showing you have sensitivity to the sun, the police are likely to give you a pass if the driver’s side window is tinted.

Driving Safety

We’ve all been there… at 4:00 in the afternoon, the sun’s reflection is blinding. Or you’re driving down the highway in the evening, and the opposing headlights make it very hard to focus on what’s ahead. Window tint can cut down on glare and make driving under these conditions safer. Not to mention, it acts as a barrier to shattered glass, should there be an accident. You can never be too careful.


Of course, we all know that any barrier to the sun can help prolong the color and reduce cracking of car and truck interiors. Along with sunshades, window tinting helps reduce interior heat and can help prevent upholstery fading and dashboard damage.


Lastly, in a world where everyone seems to know your business, window tint can give you that last ounce of privacy you need. All Kraco tint products fall within allowed regulations, but remember that they can only be applied to the rear and back/side windows. Be sure to check your state’s regulations just to be sure.

Black Magic Window Film

SUN_Web_tintsKraco offers three window film options that help protect your skin, the look of your vehicle and make driving more comfortable. Tested for endurance, clarity, fade and bubble factors, there’s a selection that’s just right for you.

So go out and explore. Make the most of the longer summer days by applying window tint and reduce the chances the sun will take its toll on you or your vehicle. Experience the “Breakthrough Innovation” found in Kraco.


  • John says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. There are obviously plenty of benefits that come with tinting your windows, but I think the most important to me are the safety from glares and the general health of my skin. Glares coming off other cars in afternoon traffic can be beyond bright, and after seeing friends develop tans from long car rides, I’d like to protect my skin more on lengthy trips.

  • Laurie says:

    One of the first things that I did when I purchased my new vehicle was to have the windows tinted. Not only because I like the look, but because it does reduce light glare. Great information, thanks for sharing!

  • Billy says:

    I have been installing window tint off and on for the past 15 yrs. I went today to my local wal-mart in Vicksburg, MS. and bought 4 rolls of 20% select. Unfortunately for me, ALL FOUR ROLLS were creased with what looked like someones finger nail before it was packaged. I didnt see it until I had already trimmed it to fit my windows. So in other words, I was MAD. I hope you will make this right. I do not want to have to take this to the internet ( Youtube, Facebook, G+, and Twitter). My contact info has been sent to you through the Contact portion of your website. PEOPLE BEWARE OF WHAT YOU BUY. IT SEEMS THE PEOPLE PACKAGING THESE PRODUCTS DO NOT CARE WHAT CONDITION IT IS IN WHEN YOU BUY IT. UNROLL IT AND PUT IT UP TO BRIGHT LIGHT TO SEE ANY DAMAGE. HOPEFULLY WHOEVER YOU BOUGHT IT FROM WILL LET YOU RETURN IT. WAL-MART WILL NOT LET YOU RETURN IT AFTER YOU REMOVE IT AND UNROLL IT.

  • Billy says:

    UPDATE: I called today to let them company know about the window tint and spoke with Rob (csr) and he fixed everything. Got 4 brand new rolls coming free of charge due to the damage of the rolls I bought at walmart yesturday. I am completely impressed with the customer service. But, I will say that if you buy any window tint from any walmart or other supplier, BEWARE that it might be one that someone returned due to damage and now its your problem. Call the company and let them know. Once you give them the details they ask for they ship new ones out to you same day. Might take a week to get but you WILL get them. Thanks Rob for all you did.


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