Driving Can Be Taxing… Five Ways to Reduce Driving Stress

April 15 is just around the corner. This time of year can be very taxing on your nerves, which in turn can affect your body by adding extra aches and pains when you have to spend time in your vehicle. There’s no need to add to the discomfort. Check out these Kraco products that are known to reduce stress and make driving less taxing.

Seat Cushions

Cushions_425x370Kraco carries a number of seat cushions that make driving between point A and point B more comfortable. Available in leather and various designs and fabrics, they offer support and comfort even in the most taxing traffic situations. For extra back support, Kraco offers lumbar support seat cushions that make driving feel more luxurious and secure, especially on longer trips.

Visor Organizer

Nothing is more frustrating than being on the road and trying to find useful items like a pen for jotting down notes or your glasses for reading street signs. Forget about throwing those items in your purse or in the center console. Kraco has a visor organizer to keep all these driving essentials close at hand, so you can keep your eyes on the road for safer driving. And for passenger essentials, there’s a Back of Seat Organizer that holds larger items for handy access.

Clip-On Fan

Let’s face it. Some drivers on the road today can make you a little “hot under the collar.” Keep cool under pressure and stressful driving conditions by using Kraco’s Clip-On Fan. This not only saves gas by not running the air conditioner, it can also be very useful when your air conditioner is not working. Repairing an air conditioner can be very costly, so if you don’t have the extra cash to repair it, try this affordable solution.

Steering Wheel Covers

Having soft fabric or smooth leather under the fingers to increase grip and reduce road vibration can make driving less taxing and more enjoyable. Kraco offers many steering wheel cover styles and fabrics to fit any personality. Whether it’s camo, leopard or a sheepskin design that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, there’s a steering wheel cover that can reduce heat or chill, and put you in a better driving mood.

Time Released Scents

Speaking of mood adjustment… Kraco has many wonderful scents that come in different forms such as gels, sachets, vent sticks, sprays, on-demand and smart release technology. Just like aromatherapy can make you feel calm and soothed, adding a special scent to your vehicle can take you to your happy place.

So don’t let tax time or driving conditions make you more stressed. Come to Kraco.


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