ECOessential™ Floor and Door Mats: Do Your Part for the Planet on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Originating in 1970 in the U.S. and made a worldwide cause by 1990, this day is meant to build awareness of the earth and its environmental issues. Kraco has done its part to improve the environment this Earth Day and every day by manufacturing a line of ECOessential Floor and Door Mat products. Not only are the products made of recycled materials, so is the packaging.

Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.

A big push has been placed on recycling, as part of Earth Day’s environmental movement. Everything from paper toplastic can be modified and reused. Materials for ECOessential Floor and Door Mats are collected from various recycling locations and then ground down and made into new mats. Because the mats are made from recycled materials, this reduces the amount of waste that would have been deposited in landfills.

Kraco ECOessential Premium Black Carpet/Rubber Floor Mat Set, 4 Piece

Kraco’s Premium Molded Recycled Carpet And Rubber Floor Mat Set is made of recycled, all-weather durable carpet, and features a recycled rubber backing and a raised protective border. Designed to protect the vehicle floor area, it plays an active eco-friendly role.

Here are a couple of reviews taken from The Pep Boys:

“They seem to be very well made and sturdy.” 4/5 stars

IrishPete adds, “Heavy duty product at a great price. Let’s face it. When we put a car mat down in our vehicle we are looking for something strong, well made and it’s got to protect the original carpet. This product fits the bill and is very well priced to boot. I paid so little for this product especially after buying online and saving 15% on the price. Even better is that it’s made from recycled materials! So I’ve got a great product, for a great price and I’ve done my bit for the planet, what more can you ask!!!!!!! 5/5 stars

Assured, Controlled Production

Kraco Rubber Floor and Door Mat production is computer-controlled for consistent material quality and random tests are performed for strength and density. They’re super easy to clean and a great value.

So do your part to save the planet this Earth Day. Take a look at Kraco… a name you can trust to provide great, eco-friendly floor protection in all types of weather.

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