Memory Foam and Gel Seat Cushions Help Reduce Back Pain

Once thought of only in association with mattresses, memory foam and cooling gel are now big features built in to seat cushions. Seat cushions for the car, seat cushions for sporting events and seat cushions for the home or office are now made with plush memory foam and cooling gel that can help reduce back pain and help you feel more comfortable.
Kraco Has Your Back
Answering the pain points of many consumers with back problems, Kraco’s Good, Better, Best system of anatomically-contoured ErgoDrive seat cushion products puts the driver in a properly seated position and offers something for everyone.
SCsh_5040028_Cushion_LumbarLumbar Cushion – One of the most common back pain issues, this cushion offers pressure-relieving lower back support.
Leatherette Full Seat Cushion – Less expensive than leather, this contoured model is versatile, easy to install with stretchable elastic straps and is perfect for adding multipurpose comfort to chairs in the home or office, as well as your vehicle.
Ergo Full Seat Cushion – A contoured, versatile, easy to install multipurpose full seat cushion offered in supple, suede-simulated fabric in three two-toned designs to accent any vehicle interior.
Magnet Sphere Full Seat Cushion – Featuring contoured, bubble spheres containing magnets that are molded to naturally massage you while you drive. Effective massage encourages blood flow and increases endorphins, bringing healing nutrients to affected areas.
Beaded Full Seat Cushion – high quality wood beads that gently massage your back and legs while driving. Double-strung with heavy line, so they won’t unravel and adequately spaced to ensure proper ventilation.
Spring Full Seat Cushion – spring-formed for extra back support.



Foam Posterior Seat Cushion – full cushioned comfort and support featuring an ergonomic design with memory foam inner, relieving posterior pressure.
Foam Lumbar Cushion – memory foam inner and shaped to support the natural curve of your back for target lumbar support.
Foam Wedge Cushion – a cushioned wedge with memory foam inner that provides comfort and support.
Ergo 2000 Full Seat Cushion – featuring embossed foam and cushion for targeted back and full body comfort.SCsh_xxxxxx_NEW_Cushion_Sport
Arena Sport Full Cushion – a multipurpose, sculpted and embossed full foam cushion with premium targeted lumbar and neck support. Fits most vehicles and office furniture.

Oxford Faux Leather Cushion – a sculpted, full-sized foam cushion with premium targeted lumbar and back support in faux leather. Easy to install and remove for multipurpose use.SCsh_xxxxxx_NEW_Cushion_Beaded
Beaded Full Cushion – contoured to fit most vehicles and office furniture, this full size, sculpted foam, leatherette cushion features tiny massaging beads and gives premium targeted lumbar and neck support.
Gel Posterior Cushion – full-size posterior memory foam plus cooling gel cushion that absorbs heat and alleviates pressure for maximum comfort.
Gel Wedge Cushion – wedge-shaped memory foam plus cooling gel cushion that alleviates posterior pressure for maximum comfort when seated. Use in the car or at seated events.
Gel Lumbar Cushion – memory foam plus cooling gel cushion, shaped to support the natural curve of your back.
Genuine Dickies-Branded Full and Posterior Car Cushions – featuring an ergonomic design, a heavy-duty Denier covering and a memory foam inner for cushioned comfort and support that aids in relieving full body and posterior pressure.
Genuine Scotchgard-Branded Full Seat Cushion – a multipurpose, full-sized, sculpted foam cushion with added Scotchgard protection.
Genuine Scotchgard Seat Wrap – a cross between a cushion and a seat cover, it wraps around seats easily, is Scotchgard protected and will not interfere with an airbag.
Black Tie Seat Wrap – featuring soft, plush Leatherette, this cross between a cushion and a seat cover has pockets on the front and back to store items. It’s easy to install and remove for multipurpose use.

Don’t Let Time on the Road Set You BackTop5_Tips_Blog

Kraco’s seat cushion products are perfect for truckers to traveling salesman. And remember, these multipurpose cushions are great for off road activities, too! Take them anywhere you’re going to be seated for any amount of time for added comfort and support. Contact your local auto accessory retailer to get yours today, and check out the Top 5 Pain Relieving Tips for Drivers. Happy Trails from Kraco!

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