2Air Drive Fresh ™ Neutralizes Pet Odors in Your Car


Eliminate lingering pet odors associated with taking your furry friends along for a ride by adding a 2Air Drive Fresh Rear Seat Protector to your car. Its slips on easily and protects your seat from dirt and odors that can accumulate over time. Impregnated with Cellesence’s patented micro encapsulation technology, you’ll never have to worry about annoying pet odors left behind in your car.

Celessence Technology

An active odor eliminator delivery system using micro encapsulation has been impregnated into the seat protector fabric. Micro encapsulation is a patented friction based technology that releases the odor eliminating function during use. As your pet interacts with the technology the odor eliminating function will be activated, preventing odor and keeping your car fresh. It is important to note that the 2Air Rear Seat protector is non allergenic, to keep your pets safe and happy!

A Fresh Scent for Up to 12 Months

The 2Air Drive Fresh Rear Seat Protector fits easily to seats with or without headrests. What’s great is that you can wipe it clean, or wash your rear seat protector up to 15 times and it will still release the odor elimination technology, and a fresh scent. It is dermatologically tested and completely non-allergenic.

Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

So go ahead. Take your pet to the beach. Go on hikes. Run through water. Get dirty. The 2Air Drive Fresh Rear Seat Protector will make sure that, after your pet leaves the car, your new passengers will never know they were there.

Breakthrough Innovation

The 2Air Drive Fresh Rear Seat Protector reinforces Kraco’s commitment to “Trusted Brands. Breakthrough Innovation.” Now available at WalMart, Autozone, Pep Boys, Fred Meyer & Amazon. You can have a fresher smelling car today!

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