Kraco Has Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Tarps

kraco-8-11-15 99216Protect your investments and blend in with your surroundings with the high quality construction found in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country tarps. Available in 8’ x 10’, 10’ x 12’ and 12’ x 16’, you’ll find a variety of benefits over the traditional blue tarp.

Lightweight vs Heavy-Duty
Mossy Oak tarps boast a premium 8 mil heavy-duty thickness compared to the lightweight 3-6 mil thickness offered in competitive blue tarps. Mossy Oak tarps feature:

  • Reinforced corner anchors
  • A rope-reinforced hem
  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Added UV protection to prevent tarp breakdown
  • Rust-proof grommets every 3’
  • Water, tear and mildew resistance

Because of the superior strength and durability that the Mossy Oak tarp provides, a 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee accompanies each tarp purchase. The traditional blue tarp comes with no warranty.

mossy_coverGet Rid of the Blues… Get A Multipurpose Mossy Oak Tarp
Blue tarps are traditionally used as a drop cloth. Besides being ugly, they stand out like a sore thumb. The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country tarp blends in with your surroundings and has environmental appeal. Its upscale appearance makes it a premium addition for hunting, hauling and storing.

The high-quality construction of the Mossy Oak tarp makes it the consumer-preferred camouflage tarp. Use it over canopy frames, as a hunting blind, for farm and yard cover, greenhouse and winter storage, and for storage protection of your investments like lawn mowers, tractors, boats and more!
Keep a Mossy Oak Tarp Handy for Emergencies

Besides being a functional item at home or on the farm, it’s a great idea to keep one in your car or truck for emergencies. Use the Break-Up Country tarp as an emergency shelter for camping or hunting, when the weather turns bad. Its heavy-duty construction will give you the extra layer of protection you may need to make it through a rough night.

Not Your Ordinary Tarp

As you can see, the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country tarp is perfect for work or play. Whatever you decide to use it for, it’s sure to become a necessity in your storage and investment protection arsenal. Check your local retailer for availability.

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