Freshen Smelly Dorm Rooms with Scents® Air Care from Kraco

Scents_familyFill the air with a fresh new aroma with Scents™ air care from Kraco. Let’s face it… college is challenging enough without having to be confined to a stinky dorm room. It’s pretty hard to study when all you can smell is last night’s pizza or sweaty gym socks from the day’s workout. Freshen the space you’re required to live in with a variety of air care products from Kraco.

Bring Down Home Comfort with You

Just because you have to leave the comfort of your own when you go away to college doesn’t mean you can’t take a little down home comfort with you. Kraco has plenty of fragrance options to choose from that will take you away from dorm room doldrums and back to the familiar smells you enjoy.

What’s Your Favorite Scent?

It’s fairly well known that certain fruit aromas like Strawberry or Green Apple can energize you. And food scents like Vanilla are very soothing and can remind you of mom’s home cooking. Other scents like Outdoor Breeze and Mountain Pine can take you away from it all. Whatever mood you’re trying to conjure, Kraco’s Scents™ air care products can help get you there.

Scents™ On Demand™

If you’re looking for fragrance when you want it, Scents™ On Demand™ is what you need. Simply turn the dial one click to release two hours of fragrance. Place it anywhere in your room or car for a blast of freshness.

Scents™ Smart Release™

Patented fuel cell technology enables Scents™ Smart Release™ to deliver the most consistent stream of fragrance in the auto care industry. Whether you decide to use it in your car, or in your dorm room, there’s no fragrance drop off: Day 1 will equal Day 45 in fragrance experience. Since it doesn’t require airflow from a vent, you can place it anywhere you want for continuous scent pleasure.

Scents™ Pump

For immediate, controllable results, Kraco offers its popular fragrances in a convenient 2 oz. and 8 oz. pump size. Take it with you for scent pleasure wherever you go.

Scents™ Ultra Gel

Use Ultra Gel anywhere you want to freshen the air: in the kitchen, the bathroom or in a trashcan. There are no spills to worry about and plenty of quality fragrances for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Scents™ Under the Seat™

As the name implies, use this Scents™ option under the seat of your car for long lasting fragrance pleasure. But don’t stop there! Since this crystals product comes in a handy pouch, is easy to hide and freshens air in a snap, you can use it in dorm room bathrooms, garbage pails, gym bags and even dresser drawers to give immediate freshness.

Scents™ Vent Sticks and Vent Oil

Designed to use airflow to freshen your space, you can use Vent Sticks and Vent Oil in your car to take the freshness of your dorm room with you. Or, if you have an in window air cooler, use them there to provide a breath of fresh air.

Scents™ Paper and Novelty Designs

Available in up to ten fragrance options, these products work in any confined space to provide the scent aroma that you like best.

It Makes Scents

Why would anybody want to live with stinky smells when Kraco offers so many wonderful fragrance options? Take a look at what’s available at here and then check out your local retailer for availability.

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