New Sunshades for Kids and Grown-Ups from Kraco

Kraco’s throwing some shade… sunshades that is. We’ve got a whole new lineup of sunshades for kids and adults including Retractable Roller Shades, Cling Shades and Sun Cutters™ glare reduction products. There’s sure to be a style and design to fit every personality. Take a look!

Dean_SunShadeRetractable Roller Shades

Tell me, what could be cuter than your “little buddy” staying out of the sun with this “Sleepy Cat” juvenile sunshade? Look how happy he is!

These shades apply with suction cups and provide see through visibility to reduce glare. We’ve got plenty of designs for girls and boys… Puppy Love, Balloons and Clouds, Giraffe and Hoot Owl to name a few. Most are available in retractable roller shade, cling shade and sun cutter side shade shade formats.

Sun_Shade_805676_Cling_Cat_ZZZZCling Shades

Removable and reusable, these press-on static cling sunshades reduce glare and provide see through visibility. Use them at home or in the car… anywhere you need UV protection. They’re available in adult and juvenile styles. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark “Sleepy Cat” cling shade that provides round-the-clock enjoyment for your child.


Sun Cutters™ – Side and Rear Shades

Glare_Car_CoreKraco also has side and rear sunshades that attach with suction cups to complete the glare reduction package. Now backseat passengers can be comfortable even when the sun is shining right on them. Made of see-through open mesh, they pop open and fold down instantly for easy use and storage.

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me!

With all the sunshade glare reduction styles to choose from, there’s no reason you, your friends and your family can’t fully enjoy taking a road trip any time of the year. Discover Kraco. Trusted Brands. Breakthrough Innovation.


  • Daisy r says:

    My daughter love the sleepy cat glow in the dark shade, I got it as a gift and many friends asked me about it, i asked the person that gave it to me where could I find it and told me at Walmart, I went to Walmart and look into the car section, and baby section and couldn’t find any, very good product, wish they had glow in the dark with my first son

  • Gloria says:

    Do the roller shades provide UV protection.

    Is so what is it?

    Thank you

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