The Rain-X® Zip Fit™ Car Cover Fits More Than One Size Car

carcoverThe Rain-X® Zip Fit™ car cover gives you the best of both worlds – a close to custom fit without a custom price. Featuring built-in zippers, the Zip Fit car cover easily adjusts to expand to the next size vehicle in its class while still allowing the use of the same cover for different sized vehicles. Simply zip or unzip the innovative expansion panels to adjust the length.

Ten Zip Fit Cover Options

The Zip Fit vehicle cover is available for Sedans, SUVs and Trucks and comes in three fabric value levels: Lite, Ultra and Luxury. The Car/Sedan cover expands from 192” to 228”, the SUV cover expands from 172” to 238” and the carcover_1Truck cover expands from 177” to 225”. An additional option is also available for Motorcycles.

Keeping in line with Kraco’s Good, Better, Best product innovation philosophy that gives you the best value product option for your money, you can purchase the cover that fits your needs and your budget best.

Special Car Cover Features
Designed to answer a variety of needs, the Zip Fit car cover features:

– Fabric encased, hidden zippers that won’t scratch your vehicle
– Double-stitched (on Lite) and Sonic-sealed seams (on Ultra and Luxury) to prevent leaking
– A breathable fabric that provides UV protection and helps to quickly dry condensation buildup
– Attached tie-down straps to keep the cover in place
– A convenient storage bag to store your cover when it’s not in use
– The strongest warranties in the industry

Keep Your Ride Looking Good

A Rain-X® Zip Fit cover will protect your ride from dirt and grime, so that you can look your best when driving around town. Another trusted Kraco brand, you can contact your local retailer for product availability.

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  • Knut Kraemer says:

    Dear Kraco,
    Is it possible to buy the Rain-X Zip Fit cover (for car/sedan and/or for SUV) in Germany?
    Many thanks,
    Knut Kraemer

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