RainX® Snow Shield™ Protects Your Windshield from the Elements

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Winter’s here! And Kraco’s newly innovated RainX Snow Shield windshield cover is here for you just in time for the blustery snow season.

Don’t Let the Snow Slow Your RollWinter_warrior_lrg_car_3qtr_flex_x

Many states have already been blanketed by their first snow of the season. Although the snow is beautiful, it can also be very inconvenient. Layers of snow that build up overnight, or after long periods of parking, can take extra time and strain to remove from your windshield. No one needs the extra hassle of having to scrape snow or ice off your windshield before getting on the road.

Snow Shield Gets You On Your Way

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cover your windshield when your vehicle’s not in use and then easily uncover it and remove snow in a flash… no scraping ice, no frozen wiper blades, no extra work to put you behind schedule. Just roll back the Snow Shield cover and you’re on your way. That’s what Kraco’s Snow Shield does for you.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Snow Shield is made of thick Denier fabric. Its curved top and bottom edges give it a custom look and its reinforced edges make it much more sturdy than previous versions. It’s constructed with a weighted, magnet-inserted hem to help it lay flat and protect wiper blades.

The Snow Shield clips on easily to your vehicle’s sun visor, inside the car, and attaches to an outside buckle, keeping it secure through wind, rain and snow. Because the sides are rollable, the Snow Shield is easy to use and adjusts to most any size windshield.

Get Out of the Cold

With Kraco’s new Snow Shield windshield cover, you can get out of the cold sooner and spend more quality time with those who are important to you. It’s just one more example of how Kraco’s breakthrough innovation and trusted brands work harder to provide you with products you want and need.

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