Breathe easier this spring!

ozium_litterbox_sqEven though winter is over and cold and flu season is winding down, it’s always good to have some Ozium air sanitizer on hand to arm yourself against unwanted germs. You never know when the kids will be coming home from school with a cold or sniffles even as the days get warmer, and because it eliminates airborne bacteria, you can keep the germs from spreading and ruining spring break or a family road trip.

With beautiful weather comes thoughts of more outdoor activities. When you and the family are out and about and unpleasant odors build up in the car, a spray of Ozium will make the air smell fresh and clean. Dirty sports socks, unfinished fast food, even wet dog is no match for the sanitizing power of Ozium spray.

ozium_car_sqAnd, for you smokers out there, Ozium sprays eliminate the smoke odor at home or on the road. Now when you travel with non-smoking friends or family, a simple spray will freshen the air and make it much more comfortable for everyone.

If you ever have walked into your kitchen the morning after a fish fry, you know how the strong odor can linger. Ozium gels and disks will freshen the air to eliminate that fishy smell. And for the baby, stick one near the diaper hamper to keep the baby’s room smelling fresh and clean.

ozium_kitchen_sqSo now that spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, make the air at home, in your car or at the office just as fresh and bright. Choose from several popular scents: Original, That New Car Smell, Vanilla, Outdoor Essence, Citrus and Country Fresh and you’ll be breathing easier all Spring long.

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