Pet Seat

2AirTM and Kraco® Pet Protectors make it easy to take your best friend, anywhere you go.

Dogs are part of the family and they love to ride in the car. Now you don’t ever have to worry about ruining your seats with pet hair, dirt, water or any mess that your dogs or other pets bring into the vehicle.

2AirTM Drive Fresh Rear Seat Protector does more than protect seats from dirt and grime. It’s treated with the patented and licensed CelessenceTM solution that neutralizes in-car odors like wet dog to provide long-lasting freshness inside your vehicle. Its non-allergenic, micro-encapsulated formula is safe on skin and for pets and won’t stain clothes or skin. The smooth poly finish is easy to wipe clean. To install, simply place over rear seat and attach elastic straps. The 2AirTM fits seats with and without headrests.

Kraco® Front and Bench Seat Protectors feature a fun dog paw graphic and water-resistant poly fabric. The smooth finish is comfortable for your pet and easy to wipe clean. Installation is simple on front or back seats with elastic straps. Universal fit for all seat sizes.

Pet Protectors from 2Air™ and Kraco® keep your car fresh and clean.

2Air Rear Seat Protector

Kraco® Pet Protectors

Kraco® Front Seat & Bench Seat Pet Protector

2AirTM and Kraco® Pet Protectors make it easy to take your pets with you.