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Accordion Sunshades Block Out the Sun’s Rays

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Just because you like to spend your off time outdoors in the sun doesn’t mean your car enjoys it. In fact, temperatures in vehicles can rise 40 degrees or more in the first half hour of being closed. Try sitting down in the driver’s seat and grabbing the wheel… ouch! Make sure your car, truck or SUV is noticeably cooler when you reenter by placing a Kraco® accordion sunshade in your dashboard window. Accordion sunshades…

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Kraco® Sun Cutter Sunshades Keep You Riding in Comfort

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You’ve packed your family and/or your pets in the car and you’re on the road again. Maybe you’ve decided to go visit the relatives or you’ve just taken some time off to get out and enjoy the scenery. It’s a beautiful sunny day but no one can see a thing because of the bright light bouncing off the windows. Keep your passengers comfortable by reducing the outside glare with Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades. You can…

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Outsmart the Elements with Rain-X® Branded Car Covers

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So you just bought a car. Maybe it’s your first car. If you’re lucky, it’s new. But even if it’s used, it’s new to you. Nothing is more frustrating than having the neighbor’s cat walk across your car or the tree next door leave droppings on it. Protect your car from dust and debris with Rain-X car covers.   Rain-X Car Covers Protect Your Car’s Paint and Rubber Today’s air isn’t as clean as it…

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Fight Off the Elements with the Auto Expressions® Winter Warrior Windshield Cover

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Winter’s rough… and any kind of precipitation makes it even rougher for the driver. Just getting going can be a challenge. Whether it’s getting ready for your morning commute or climbing in the car after a movie or shopping, snow, ice and frost on the windshield is a hassle. But with the Auto Expressions Winter Warrior Windshield Cover, you can get in your car and drive off with a clean windshield in under a minute….

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