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Organize Your Drive

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Today’s lifestyles are busier than ever. Everyone is on the go. There’s the daily work commute and dashboard dining. Moms are zooming from Zumba to carpooling. Dads are running to the home improvement store on the weekends and teen drivers are zipping around town, balancing school and social activities. Whew! It can all take a toll on you and your car. Kraco’s line of Interior Car Accessories can help by keeping your car organized and…

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Get a Grip with Kraco Steering Wheel Covers

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Your vehicle is an extension of your own individual style. When you customize it with a combination of seat covers, floor mats and other interior accessories, don’t forget a steering wheel cover can complete your car’s custom look. Kraco’s wide range of styles – from basic OEM colors and leather accents to fashion designs – fit well and complement your personal style. Then there’s the added safety and comfort that a steering wheel cover provides….

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Three Reasons to Purchase Kraco Car Seat Covers

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Seat protection, comfort, safety and style. The days of having to sacrifice one or more of these features in a car seat cover are finally over. Kraco manufactures high quality, durable Car Seat Covers in a variety of styles and sizes with safety features unmatched in the industry. Why Kraco? Here are three reasons to head to your local retailer and pick up a set… 1) Avoid Seat Damage from Kids and Pets Baby car…

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