Kraco® Floor Mats

Dramatically enhance and protect the interior of your vehicle

Depend on the quality of Kraco® Floor Mats to keep your car’s flooring looking like new.


Protect the floor of your car from dirt, grime, rain and snow and even the occasional spill that could spell disaster to your flooring. Whether you choose heavy-duty rubber or luxurious carpet, our high quality options offer protection, safety and style. Every Kraco® floor mat provides innovative features to enhance durability and performance while ensuring a secure fit.

Our passion for quality and performance shows in every detail.

The best floor protection available anywhere! Kraco® floor mats are stylish while giving your vehicle the protection you desire. When it comes to quality floor mats, Kraco® has you covered. Completely.


Pointed nibs grab carpet surface to hold rubber floor mats in place.

Retention Post Technology

Recessed spaces fit over retention posts to secure floor mats.

Anti-slip Backing

Textured back surface grips carpet to prevent floor mats from slipping.

Trim to Fit

Multiple trim tabs allow a perfect fit for rubber mats

The combination of SHARK TEETHTM Nibs and Retention Post Technology enables Kraco® Floor Mats to remain secure under 70.9 pounds of pull force (vs. 7.2 and 13.5 pound of force with similar competitive mats).


Kraco® Floor Mats

how to trim kraco floormats

How to Install Kraco® Floor Mats

Dickies® Floor Mats. Trusted quality. Rugged good looks.

Rugged protection. Durable, all-season heavy-duty rubber. Attractive design. Dickies® Floor Mats and Cargo Liners are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of tough use. They protect a vehicle’s interior from water, mud, snow, dirt and other harsh conditions. Universal size and trim to fit design makes it easy to get a custom fit for trucks, sedans and SUVs. 

Floor Mats with Genuine ScotchgardTM Protection

Kraco® premium carpet Floor Mats offer genuine ScotchgardTM Protector to protect against staining and soiling, keeping your Floor Mats looking cleaner longer. You can stop worrying about accidental spills – just blot them up before they become stains. And, because carpet fibers resist soiling, muddy footprints are easier to clean. It’s stain protection you can trust.

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Scotchgard Car Accessories

floor_mats scotscard

Scotchgard Floor Mats

Ultra Heavy Duty Floor Armor® Floor Mats

If you are looking for the ultimate in heavy-duty floor mats, Kraco® Floor Armor® provides a level of durability unmatched by most other mats. These premium floor mats will withstand extremes of mud, snow, heavy wear and abuse to protect the floor of your vehicle. Just one look at the heavy-duty features and you’ll see that Kraco® Floor Armor® floor mats will keep your flooring protected even under the most extreme conditions.

floor_mats floor armor

Floor Armor Floor Mats

Earth-friendly ECOessential Floor Mats

Kraco® Earthfriendly ECOessentialTM  Floor and Door Mats

Get All Weather protection from Kraco’s line of earth friendly, recycled Floor Mats and Door Mats. We’re proud to offer a choice that treads lightly on the environment. They’re made from recycled materials that are collected, ground and reformed into attractive and durable synthetic carpet. Choose from Black, Gray or Tan to add protection and style to your car, workshop, entryway or garage.