Is Your Car A Pig Pen? Give It A Ride Rehab.

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Remember that little boy in the Charlie Brown cartoons named Pig Pen? Everywhere he went a cloud of dust would surround him. His face and clothes were always dirty. He seemed kind of homeless. Is your car a pig pen? Give it a ride rehab. Well, we know that’s how our rides get from time to time… smelly and dirty. Yuk! It seems as if there’s no one taking car of them. They look kind…

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Kraco’s Ride Rehab Gives You a Ride Intervention!

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Ok, we know how you roll. Running to your friends houses during the week, grabbing a quick bite on the way and eating it in your car, then sporting your weekend warrior attitude; you probably don’t have much time to give your ride the TLC it deserves. Maybe it’s time for a ride rehab. Check out our new promotion for August. Show us a picture of your current ride. Are your seats stained or ripped?…

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Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad from Kraco

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for some great Father’s Day gift ideas for dad, Kraco’s got more than a few suggestions:   Sun Shades: Help keep your dad cool even in the heat. Sun shades can reduce the inside temperature of his vehicle by more than 40 degrees!   Window Tint: Take your dad’s coolness to the next level with Window Tint for Side and Rear Windows. Available in 5…

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The Lease of My Worries

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A few years ago, I was shopping for a new car to replace my older, dilapidated vehicle. Like many Americans, I was simply looking for a reliable commuter to get me to and from school. At the time, a lease was a viable option for me. I didn’t travel very far, and I didn’t intend on modifying the vehicle. Plus the lower monthly payment was very enticing.  Fast forward 29 months later, things have changed quite…

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Kraco Rides the California 4-track Car Stereo Wave

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This week, we’re flashing back to the wild and wonderful sixties. Since Kraco was all about satisfying the needs of the car enthusiast, they jumped on board with the distribution of a 4-track car stereo that could be installed in the car dashboard. Take a look at this psychedelic package design for an early boom box! I feel funny already… Celebrities Led the Way Frank Sinatra was known to have a 4-track installed in his…

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Flashback Friday – 1950’s Snap-On White Wall Tires

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Let’s go back to the 1950’s this week and take a look at one of the first products manufactured by Kraco… a temporary snap-on white wall tire accessory. White wall tires were all the rage, and founder Maurice Kraines decided to offer a cheaper option than buying all new tires. Enter the snap on white wall. It not only acted as a fashion accessory for cars, but it also protected the tire. Kraines was all…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Millennium Falcon Fresh

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As a smugl,– someone in the transportation business, you find yourself out and about in the galaxy quite a bit. Your ship is your home and all the places your work takes you really takes a toll on the ship. Sure you may have won it in a game of Sabacc, but you still want to maintain the quality of your precious Millennium Falcon.   1. Sun Protection Tatooine.. Whether you’re here to pay a…

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Get Out of the Sun with a Glare Guard Sunshade

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Now, more than ever, we are aware of the damage UV rays from the sun can cause. Even when you’re in your car, some people can be very sensitive to the sun – it’s harmful. Find your place out of the sun and guard your skin from too much sunlight and glare with a Kraco glare guard sunshade. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the destruction of the ozone layer over time has made it…

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ATV’s Need Love Too; Use a Rain-X® ATV Cover

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There’s another four-wheeled friend out there that needs a little loving, too. It’s your ATV. Second to your weekly ride, this weekend companion supplies you with plenty of fun and excitement, so you’ll want to keep it in great working condition. Keep your ATV looking great with a protective Rain-X® ATV Cover. Sometimes those trips to your fun zone can be tough on your toys. You pack ‘em up in the back of your pick…

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Accordion Sunshades Block Out the Sun’s Rays

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Just because you like to spend your off time outdoors in the sun doesn’t mean your car enjoys it. In fact, temperatures in vehicles can rise 40 degrees or more in the first half hour of being closed. Try sitting down in the driver’s seat and grabbing the wheel… ouch! Make sure your car, truck or SUV is noticeably cooler when you reenter by placing a Kraco® accordion sunshade in your dashboard window. Accordion sunshades…

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