Get a Grip with Kraco Steering Wheel Covers

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Your vehicle is an extension of your own individual style. When you customize it with a combination of seat covers, floor mats and other interior accessories, don’t forget a steering wheel cover can complete your car’s custom look. Kraco’s wide range of styles – from basic OEM colors and leather accents to fashion designs – fit well and complement your personal style. Then there’s the added safety and comfort that a steering wheel cover provides….

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Three Reasons to Purchase Kraco Car Seat Covers

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Seat protection, comfort, safety and style. The days of having to sacrifice one or more of these features in a car seat cover are finally over. Kraco manufactures high quality, durable Car Seat Covers in a variety of styles and sizes with safety features unmatched in the industry. Why Kraco? Here are three reasons to head to your local retailer and pick up a set… 1) Avoid Seat Damage from Kids and Pets Baby car…

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Ozium® Eliminates Odors While Killing Nasty Airborne Bacteria and Germs

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Clean, purify, deodorize and sanitize the air you breathe with OZIUM Air Sanitizer. OZIUM was originally developed to combat airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is safe to use around children, food and pets. OZIUM is also clinically proven to eliminate odors, not mask them like other products. Airborne contaminants and odors are eliminated with OZIUM’s exclusive glycolized action. OZIUM dispenses microsized particles that linger and float in the air for…

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Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value; Protect It with Kraco Floor Mats

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Dirt and grime can really take a toll on the interior of your car or truck. Make sure you keep your prized possession in showroom shape by protecting it with a set of Kraco Rubber Floor Mats. These mats are a great value, costing much less than OEM floor mats. And with a full portfolio of fashion features and a durable design, this small investment will help ensure that your vehicle will be looking good…

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Director’s Forum – Winter 2015

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Since Ford unveiled the very first Thunderbird in 1954, Kraco has been inspired to find innovative ways to make your car more… your own. We’re celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, and we have never stopped finding ways to improve your drive, providing customers like you the best in quality floor mats, seat covers, sun shades, car covers, air care and more. From our humble beginnings designing a range of snap-on whitewall tires that looked…

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Protection. Function. Fashion.

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When Maurice H. Kraines founded Kraco in 1954 this was his focus. He didn’t want to simply produce another automotive accessory. He wanted to give the motor enthusiast what they wanted and what they needed.   He had a clear vision of what that was. At the time, the first product to bear the Kraco name was a range of snap-on whitewall tires. A cheaper option than buying whitewall tires and better than the alternatives…

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