Dickies® Seat Cushions

Dickies® Seat Cushions combine trusted durability with innovative comfort and support.

When you spend hours in the car, you can count on a Dickies® Seat Cushion to make the ride more comfortable. After you arrive at your destination, it can continue to provide comfort and support on any seat – in the office, at the sports stadium or even a park bench – wherever you need some extra cushion. Just take it with you – convenient size is portable and easy to carry. The engineered comfort features and rugged Dickies® style will make sure you have the best seat in the house, anywhere you go.


With a choice of styles and comfort features, there’s a Dickies® Seat Cushion that’s right for you.

Enjoy the comfort, durability and flexibility a Dickies® Seat Cushion can provide. Engineered to relieve compression and stress to tailbone and hips and designed with the same rugged styling that you have known and trusted for nearly 100 years, a Dickies® Seat Cushion will make anywhere you sit feel like your favorite chair.

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