Sun Shades

Kraco® Sun Shades combine fashion and function to protect your car’s interior.

Direct sunlight and blazing heat can deteriorate the interior of your car. Kraco® Sun Shades are proven to reduce the temperature of your interior while keeping the surfaces inside your car considerably cooler. If you’ve ever touched your steering wheel after it’s been sitting in the sun, you know how hot it can get. They’ll also block 99% of damaging UV rays to protect your dashboard and upholstery. Whether a simple “Core” design is your style or you prefer a more trendy, fashionable graphic, Kraco® Sun Shades are your car’s best defense against extreme heat and sunlight.

Discover the benefits of Kraco® Sun Shades.

Reduce Heat

Protect Interior

Block 99%
UV Rays

Add Style

Durable Construction

Improve Comfort

Wherever you go, take along a Kraco® Sun Shade to protect and cool your car.

Kraco® Sun Shades are available in 2 styles – Accordion and collapsible Magic Shades®, and 3 sizes – Standard, Jumbo and Super Jumbo, to fit most cars and trucks. Contemporary designs range from core to fashionable graphics and will fit any personal taste. High quality construction adds durability.

Kraco® Core and Fashion Accordion Sun Shades

Kraco® Core and Fashion Magic Shades

Kraco® Accordion Sun Shades are great for RV’s.


Kraco® Automotive Sun Protection


How to place a Sun Shade