Kraco® Seat Covers

Add style while protecting your car's interior

Old car or new, Kraco’s Seat Covers will enhance the appearance and protect the value.

Kraco® Seat Covers are sophisticated and contemporary, offering more design options than ever before. High quality, on-trend fabrics are replacing more ordinary choices. Colors and textures are integrated into more ergonomic and fashionable designs. And, as always, innovations in comfort and safety continue to be a driving force behind all new seat cover styles. Whether you want to protect your investment, spruce up the look of your entire interior, add personality or return worn out seats to their original glory, Kraco® Seat Covers give you the perfect solution.

Kraco® makes it easy to get a perfect fit.

Trying to figure out what seat cover will fit your car can be confusing. Kraco® simplifies the process by offering styles that are designed to fit most stock car seats available today.


Made to fit 90-95% of vehicles

Universal Back

Fits bucket seats with or without removable headrests

Low Back

Fits bucket seats with removable headrests

Standard Bench

For standard or full-size front or rear bench seats

60/40 Bench

Fits bench seats that split into two sections

Big Truck

For full sized trucks, vans and SUVs with bucket seats with built in or adjustable headrests.

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How to Install Seat Covers

Both fashionable and functional, Kraco® Seat Cover Styles offer many options to personalize your car.


Classic designs in basic colors complement original vehicle interiors for year round protection.


Change your seat cover with the seasons or to suit your personality. Contemporary designs range from animal prints to bold graphics and offer luxurious fabrics, textures and designer detailing.


Designed with unique functionality and premium fabrics, like sheepskin and saddle blanket, for the car buff who wants something unique.


These racing-inspired designs combine the best of sport performance styling with unique fabrics including a new water resistant neoprene.


Designed specifically for full-sized trucks, these one, two and three-piece sets will fit various configurations. Durable fabrics stand up to heavy use yet offer stylish design choices to complement your vehicle. Side zippers accommodate integrated seat belts and arm rests.


Kraco® Seat Cover Kits are an easy way to restyle or organize the interior of your car. Combinations of auto interior accessories with seat covers in multiple configurations will breathe new life into your vehicle while saving you time and money.

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Kraco® Seat Cover Kits

With Kraco®, safety is always the most important feature in our seat cover designs.

Kraco® Seat Covers include Smart Seam Technology™, a safety smartseamfeature built into all of our front seat covers. It allows for correct deployment of side air bags in case of an accident. We are the only manufacturer we know that includes this vital safety feature on both sides of the seat cover. We are committed to staying ahead of airbag advancements and will update designs moving forward as needed, to insure the continued safety of our customers.