Seat Cushions

Kraco® innovations incorporate premium sleep technology for superior comfort.

According to a recent study by the American Automobile Association, today’s driver spends an average of 280 hours behind the wheel each year. For many it’s so much more with long commutes, stop and go traffic, running errands and car pools…hours and hours spent in the driver’s seat. Kraco® can make time in the car more comfortable with ergonomically designed seat cushions and seat wraps that help reduce or eliminate pain in the back, neck, rear ends and more to make your car seat feel as comfortable as your favorite chair.


When you choose Kraco,® you choose comfort.

Discover the complete lineup of Kraco® Seat Cushions that are designed to make your drive more comfortable. As innovators in automotive accessories, we always strive to make sure our products are delivering the latest in technology and features. New to our line are Kraco® Seat Cushions with enhanced foam, gel, memory foam, heating and cooling capability and lumbar support. New on-trend fabrics, materials and design accents will enhance the look of your vehicle’s interior. And, these premium features are offered to you at affordable prices. Enjoy the added comfort and style a Kraco® Seat Cushion can provide.