Mossy Oak® Tarps

The Mossy Oak® Tarp from Kraco® is the best looking, hardest working tarp you’ll ever need for work or play.

Big jobs are hard enough. Why compound things wrestling with an inferior blue tarp just to save a few dollars. Although the blue plastic tarp has been the standard for years, there is now a much better option – the Mossy Oak® Tarp from Kraco®.  It’s durable, attractive and loaded with quality features that are designed to last under the most challenging conditions. The flexible fabric lets you pull it tight without fear of failure in any temperature condition. And, when it’s time to play, there’s no better companion that the Mossy Oak® Tarp.


With a million and one uses, the Mossy Oak® Tarp works wherever you are for whatever you’re doing.

Protects barbecue and outdoor furniture

Covers big equipment

Keeps wood dry

Great surface for outdoor picnic or concert

Provides shade for outdoor animals

Create camouflage for hunting or birding

At work or play the Mossy Oak® Tarp is tough, flexible and dependable.

No matter how you use it, at work or at play, the Mossy Oak® Tarp with the popular Break-up Country camo design is an investment in quality and durability. With three convenient sizes – 8×10, 10×12 and 12×16 – it can tackle just about any need and will probably be the last tarp you’ll ever buy. Put it to work today.

Break out of the blues! Break in a Mossy Oak® Tarp.

Mossy Oak® is an official licensed product of Hass Outdoors, Inc., West Point, MS. Distributed By Kraco Enterprises, LLC