Steering wheel covers

Add personal style, comfort, and safety

If you’ve ever grabbed your steering wheel when it’s really hot or cold outside you know how uncomfortable it can be. You might even have tried to drive without a good grip until the temperature adjusts inside your car. Kraco® Steering Wheel Covers can give you better control by encouraging a better grip on the wheel. They’re easy to install and remove – for cleaning or changing them out seasonally, or whenever the mood strikes. The wide range of styles – from basic OEM colors and leather accents to fashion designs – fit well and complement your car’s interior.

Kraco® is proud to introduce Dickies® brand steering wheel covers.

Dickies® Steering Wheel Covers from Kraco® are made with tough, time-tested materials that bring long-lasting enjoyment to your ride. For nearly 100 years, the Dickies® brand has brought the working man and woman, the perfect combination of durability, comfort and style day in and day out. It’s protection you can trust; from the brand you can count on.

Manufactured by Kraco Enterprises LLC Under Exclusive License Agreement With ©Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Kraco® Steering Wheel Covers offer many benefits beyond just looking great.

Improve Comfort

More Secure Grip

Adds Style

Installs Easily

Wherever the road takes you, Kraco® has you and your steering wheel covered.

Kraco® Steering Wheel Covers are designed to coordinate with Kraco® Seat Covers so you can do a complete interior update to your vehicle. Our innovation team is working diligently on new technology that will change the way steering wheel covers are made, how they fit and install, giving you more choices than ever before to add comfort, safety and style to the interior of your car.

steering wheel covers

Kraco® Steering Wheel Covers

steering wheel covers

How to Install Kraco® Steering Wheel Covers