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Get Out of the Sun with a Glare Guard Sunshade

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Now, more than ever, we are aware of the damage UV rays from the sun can cause. Even when you’re in your car, some people can be very sensitive to the sun – it’s harmful. Find your place out of the sun and guard your skin from too much sunlight and glare with a Kraco glare guard sunshade. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the destruction of the ozone layer over time has made it…

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ATV’s Need Love Too; Use a Rain-X® ATV Cover

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There’s another four-wheeled friend out there that needs a little loving, too. It’s your ATV. Second to your weekly ride, this weekend companion supplies you with plenty of fun and excitement, so you’ll want to keep it in great working condition. Keep your ATV looking great with a protective Rain-X® ATV Cover. Sometimes those trips to your fun zone can be tough on your toys. You pack ‘em up in the back of your pick…

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Accordion Sunshades Block Out the Sun’s Rays

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Just because you like to spend your off time outdoors in the sun doesn’t mean your car enjoys it. In fact, temperatures in vehicles can rise 40 degrees or more in the first half hour of being closed. Try sitting down in the driver’s seat and grabbing the wheel… ouch! Make sure your car, truck or SUV is noticeably cooler when you reenter by placing a Kraco® accordion sunshade in your dashboard window. Accordion sunshades…

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With Kraco® Cargo Storage, You Can Take It with You

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Who says you can’t take it with you? Kraco has a complete line of Interior Accessories for your car that offers plenty of extra cargo storage space for all your necessary incidentals. There’s an option for everyone.   Use a Kraco Visor Organizer to keep things within reach while you’re driving. Sunglasses, a pen, an iPod®… you name it. There’s no need to shuffle through your purse or pockets looking for something; it’s all there,…

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Steering Wheel Covers Put Your Style in the Driver’s Seat

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Yes, as a matter of fact, I do own the whole darn road! That’s how you’re going to feel when you show off your own signature style by sporting one of Kraco’s popular Specialty or Sport steering wheel covers. Their extensive line of steering wheel cover choices means there’s one to fit every mood and every lifestyle… even yours! Looking for a better grip? Kraco has stylish steering wheel covers made of selected materials and…

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Kraco® Car Seat Covers Fit Your Lifestyle

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Let’s face it… we’re all spending a lot more time on the road these days. There are places to go and people to see; there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. It all adds up to wear and tear on our vehicles – under the hood, on the exterior and inside. Fortunately, Kraco has an extended line of car seat covers that will protect the life of your seat. Plus, they’re styled…

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Kraco® Carpet Floor Mats Keep Your Car Clean and Fresh

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While most cars come with some type of carpet on the floorboard, the carpet is usually very hard to clean. Since it can’t be removed, this could pose a problem in inclement driving environments. If any kind of moisture is left to accumulate on the floor carpet in a closed up vehicle, the result could be the smell of pesky mold and mildew. Kraco offers carpet floor mats in several options, and with upgrades that…

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10 Car and Home Air Care Options to Keep the Air Around You Smelling Fresh

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With Kraco’s Breakthrough Innovation in Air Care technology, there’s no reason to drive around with a smelly car and no reason to have a smelly home. Kraco offers ten innovative air care formats to give you a fresh air fragrance when you want it, where you want it. Take a look! Scents™ On Demand™ — Simply turn the dial one “click” to release two hours of fragrance, or control the intensity by turning the dial…

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Director’s Forum – Putting Innovation Into the Installation

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Kraco® innovation is driven by a commitment to give our customers fashionable, functional and on-trend products that appeal to every car enthusiast. Whether you are protecting the seats in your car, adding personal style, extending the life of your flooring or simply organizing the interior, there’s a Kraco product to make time spent in your car more enjoyable while preserving its value. Our product teams are constantly working on many new design and technical advances…

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