Flashback Friday – 1950’s Snap-On White Wall Tires

Let’s go back to the 1950’s this week and take a look at one of the first products manufactured by Kraco… a temporary snap-on white wall tire accessory.

White wall tires were all the rage, and founder Maurice Kraines decided to offer a cheaper option than buying all new tires. Enter the snap on white wall. It not only acted as a fashion accessory for cars, but it also protected the tire. Kraines was all about giving the car enthusiast what they wanted and needed.



Sears wanted car floor mats

Founded in 1954 in Compton, California, Kraco started out selling wet suits and their first car product, snap-on white walls. Shortly after moving into making rubber and vinyl products, Sears Roebuck awarded Kraco a contract to sell rubber floor mats which thrusted the company into the floor mat business.


Protection, function and style for your car

From temporary white-walled tires to floor mats to a host of interior and exterior products available for your car today, Kraco’s “Breakthrough Innovation” continues to provide car enthusiasts what they’re looking for in personal expression.


Join us next week for Kraco’s product news from the 1960s, as our Flashback Friday series continues. See you then.


  • Mari says:

    A 20 year old chyrsler never had cool stuff. It was a K car, Mag whlees were about the only thing that they put on them The only thing you can do is upgrade the radio and put in floor mats. Tinting the windows really dark will keep people from seeing you driving it as well

  • Steve Ross says:

    I have a 2005 corvette, I’d like to apply snap-on white walls. are they still available? Where? what size should I order? Cost?

  • steve says:

    Are whitewall snap-ons still available? Where? How much? Installed where?

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