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Seat Covers Keep Your Car Interior Looking Good

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So I don’t have a crappy car; I bought it just a year ago and it still looks pretty good. But the interior seats are cloth, so I have to be careful. Even though they’re black, I can see a few spots from some minor spills and an occasional protein bar crumb. So I’ve decided to cover my front seats with a set of Kraco seat covers. Express Your Individuality  I’m kind of past those…

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A Car Cover Keeps Your Crappy Car from Getting Spotted

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Who says it has to rain for your car to get spotted? Plenty of us have washed our car and parked it safely in the driveway, just to wake up in the morning to find it covered in spots from the sprinklers that went on earlier that morning. Bummer! Even more of a drag is when you’ve spent time shining up your ride, just to find that your neighbor’s cat has left its paw prints…

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