Are you uncomfortable?

Does your bottom ache when you are at a sports event from sitting on the hard seats? Is your back tight while you are driving? Do you ever think about how nice it would be to have an ergonomic seat in your office without the expense of a premium chair? Well, here’s the perfect solution – an Ergo-Drive ergonomically designed seat cushion from Kraco that goes wherever you go. Our cushions are designed using the latest in sleep technology – gels, memory foam, heating and cooling capability and lumbar support – to add premium comfort to your sit time wherever you are.

Think about how many times you’ve been watching your kid’s soccer game and wishing the bleachers weren’t so hard. Now simply take your Kraco seat cushion from the car to the game. Problem solved! Plus, you’ll benefit from the added comfort in the car, with support that helps reduce or eliminate pain in the neck, back, shoulders and bottom. Your car’s seat will feel like your favorite chair! But, there’s so many places to use your Ergo-Drive Seat Cushion besides the car. On a picnic, at the ballpark, on an airplane, in your office, at the beach, the list goes on. Anywhere you want to treat yourself to some extra comfort. They’re lightweight and easy to carry.

SCsh_Cushion_familyOf course, Kraco Ergo-Drive Seat Cushions are ideal for any car. According to a recent study by the American Automobile Association, today’s driver spends an average of 280 hours behind the wheel each year. With traffic getting worse everyday you know you’ll be spending more and more time in your car commuting, running errands, driving carpools and in stop and go traffic. Trust Kraco seat cushions to make your ride as comfortable as possible. And with summer road trips coming up, that extra layer of support and comfort will make those long miles between stops much easier to take.

See for yourself the difference a Kraco Ergo-Drive Seat Cushion will make wherever you spend time sitting. You’ll find them at your local auto supply or mass merchant retailer.

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