Made in the Shade – Do Sun Shades Really Work?

With Summer upon us, the interior of your car is going to heat up. Nothing’s worse that getting in your car when it’s been sitting in the sun and burning your bottom or hands on the hot surfaces. Admit it, you know it’s happened a million times. You’ve probably thought about getting a sun shade to put in your windshield, but wondered, does it really do the job? We can tell you for sure that a Kraco Sun Shade definitely reduces the temperature of all of the surfaces in your car. Check out this YouTube video and you’ll see a real world, real time test showing that a sun shade will make a difference, lowering the temperatures of the surfaces in your car – steering wheel, dashboard and seats – significantly more than a car without a sun shade.

Now that you’ve seen for yourself that a Kraco Sun Shade will really help you keep your cool this summer, you’ll need to decide which one is right for you. With choices that range from Universal Fit Accordion Shades to Magic Shades that fold into a convenient pouch, there’s a style and fashionable design that will suit your personality and look great in your car.

Kraco also has a line of retractable roller shades designed just for kids, that will keep your little ones out of the sun while you are driving. They are easy to apply with suction cups and provide see though visibility to reduce glare and come in fun kid’s designs like Puppy Love, Balloons and Clouds, Giraffe and Hoot Owl to name a few. They’re also available in Cling Shades and Sun Cutter Side Shades.

For adults, Kraco has Sun Cutter™ side and rear shades that easily attach with suction cups for a complete glare reduction package. Now passengers in the back seat can be comfortable even when the sun is shining directly on them. They’re made from a see-through mesh and pop open and fold down easily for use and storage.

So, keep your cool this summer with a Sun Shade from Kraco. You’ll feel the difference the minute you step into your car. You’ll find them at your local auto supply or mass merchant retailer.

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