Seat Covers that Put Your Safety First

Your safety is the driving force behind Kraco’s new and innovative Laser Deploy™ technology for Seat Covers. With over 100 different side torso airbag systems available in vehicles on the road today and the fact that side impact collisions often result in serious injuries, Kraco saw the need for an advanced system that allows airbags to deploy exactly as designed.

Working in partnership with Australia’s renowned RMIT research university, a high-tech laser system was developed specifically for the materials and design characteristics of select Kraco seat covers. This patented laser deploy system, uses a laser ablation process to “weaken” a predetermined path in the fabric to allow the airbag to function as designed in the event of an accident. Precise settings, based on the seat cover material and vehicle seat design, ensure your seat cover retains its full integrity, when fitting it to the seat and through everyday wear and tear.

In a serious side impact accident, when the side air bags deploy, the Laser Deploy gusset will separate to allow the airbag to inflate exactly as designed by the manufacturer. Kraco seat covers that feature Laser Deploy are manufactured using robotics to create the laser path specific to your vehicle’s air bag system. This virtually eliminates human error in manufacturing and ensures that your Kraco Seat Cover will provide optimum performance to help keep you and your family safe.

To further ensure the reliability and safety of Laser Deploy technology, Kraco uses real world, calibrated crash test dummy assessments that are routinely employed by the world’s leading car manufacturers. View our Laser Deploy video to follow the process from manufacturing through testing, and get a closer look at how Kraco is committed to providing the most innovative and safe seat covers available.

With Kraco Laser Deploy Seat Covers you get more. Of course, safety is first priority, but style and protection of your car’s interior is also what drives our innovation team. Our authentic hard-wearing Dickies® brand seat covers all feature Laser Deploy and offer no nonsense, good looking designs that will stand up to dirt, abrasion and wear and tear. For nearly 100 years Dickies has been the brand trusted by hardworking men and women for durability, comfort and style.

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