Cool and Comfortable

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There’s something about window tint that adds a touch of class to your car. Dark and mysterious, sexy and luxurious – tinted windows are just plain cool. But there’s more to it than just looks. Window tint improves privacy and security protecting what’s inside from prying eyes. It also protects your car’s interior by reducing the sun’s damaging rays that can fade and deteriorate your upholstery. Plus, it reduces glare while blocking direct sun and…

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Seat Covers that Put Your Safety First

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Your safety is the driving force behind Kraco’s new and innovative Laser Deploy™ technology for Seat Covers. With over 100 different side torso airbag systems available in vehicles on the road today and the fact that side impact collisions often result in serious injuries, Kraco saw the need for an advanced system that allows airbags to deploy exactly as designed. Working in partnership with Australia’s renowned RMIT research university, a high-tech laser system was developed…

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Made in the Shade – Do Sun Shades Really Work?

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With Summer upon us, the interior of your car is going to heat up. Nothing’s worse that getting in your car when it’s been sitting in the sun and burning your bottom or hands on the hot surfaces. Admit it, you know it’s happened a million times. You’ve probably thought about getting a sun shade to put in your windshield, but wondered, does it really do the job? We can tell you for sure that…

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Are you uncomfortable?

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Does your bottom ache when you are at a sports event from sitting on the hard seats? Is your back tight while you are driving? Do you ever think about how nice it would be to have an ergonomic seat in your office without the expense of a premium chair? Well, here’s the perfect solution – an Ergo-Drive ergonomically designed seat cushion from Kraco that goes wherever you go. Our cushions are designed using the…

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Breathe easier this spring!

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Even though winter is over and cold and flu season is winding down, it’s always good to have some Ozium air sanitizer on hand to arm yourself against unwanted germs. You never know when the kids will be coming home from school with a cold or sniffles even as the days get warmer, and because it eliminates airborne bacteria, you can keep the germs from spreading and ruining spring break or a family road trip….

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Get the best of two worlds. Cargo Floor Mat and Convenient Organizer.

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Check out Kraco’s newest floor mat innovation – Cargo Storage Mats. You’ll get a sleek and attractive cargo floor mat that instantly opens into a spacious organizer. Use flat when hauling gardening supplies or the family dog, then simply pull up on the convenient tabs to open into dual storage compartments. They’re available in two styles – Premium Carpet/Rubber and Deluxe Rubber – and feature trim lines for a custom fit in most cars and…

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The Groundhog Saw His Shadow – 6 More Weeks of Winter

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Punxsutawney Phil shared his meteorological prediction with the nation for the 131st time this February. Phil was a little feisty this year but when he was placed on his stump, it was officially decreed that he saw his own shadow declaring another 6 weeks of cold winter weather. It’s a good thing that Kraco® has so many great floor mats to keep your car’s interior clean. With more winter storms on the way, there will…

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Announcing the Premiere of Kraco Lifestyle Videos!

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Kraco is rolling out the red carpet for the premiere of their new series of lifestyle videos highlighting new products, trusted brands and innovation. Among them are Dickies, Mossy Oak Tarps, Scotchgard, Ozium, and Cargo Storage. First introduced at Aapex in November, these videos break the mold from how Kraco has presented their product videos in the past. Wanting to give customers an inside look at the latest innovations and big brand introductions, Kraco decided…

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Kraco Car Mats Keep Your Car Interior Cleaner

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Winter Can Be Messy Kraco car mats will help keep your car interior floors free of water, snow and mud… all elements of a messy winter. Available in Kraco’s Good, Better, Best lineup, there’s a model for every vehicle. “Good” Car Floor Mats Kraco’s standard floor mats are made of premium, heavy-duty rubber and rubber/carpet combos. Innovative styling and raised borders keep debris and liquids on the mat, protecting your car’s carpet from muddy shoes, wet…

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