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Kraco® Travel Comfort Sets; Perfect for This Holiday Season

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Kraco’s Travel Comfort Sets are a perfect item to have on hand when you’re traveling to friends and relatives this holiday season. The soft flannel blanket and matching neck support will keep you warm and comfortable, whether you’re on the road, on a train or in the air. They come in two plaid color options: red and black, or black and white, are stylish and pack easily, so you can take them with you anywhere…

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Organize Your Trunk with a Kraco Cargo Mat

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If you’re tired of hitting the road just to hear the rolling and rattling of unsecured cargo in your trunk, then Kraco has a perfect organization tool for you. The Kraco Cargo Mat combines a protective car mat with two deluxe storage organization compartments, giving you a dual-purpose car accessory that’s great for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car. Keep All Your Business Items in One Place  Many jobs require you…

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Driving Can Be Taxing… Five Ways to Reduce Driving Stress

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April 15 is just around the corner. This time of year can be very taxing on your nerves, which in turn can affect your body by adding extra aches and pains when you have to spend time in your vehicle. There’s no need to add to the discomfort. Check out these Kraco products that are known to reduce stress and make driving less taxing. Seat Cushions Kraco carries a number of seat cushions that make…

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With Kraco® Cargo Storage, You Can Take It with You

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Who says you can’t take it with you? Kraco has a complete line of Interior Accessories for your car that offers plenty of extra cargo storage space for all your necessary incidentals. There’s an option for everyone.   Use a Kraco Visor Organizer to keep things within reach while you’re driving. Sunglasses, a pen, an iPod®… you name it. There’s no need to shuffle through your purse or pockets looking for something; it’s all there,…

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Organize Your Drive

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Today’s lifestyles are busier than ever. Everyone is on the go. There’s the daily work commute and dashboard dining. Moms are zooming from Zumba to carpooling. Dads are running to the home improvement store on the weekends and teen drivers are zipping around town, balancing school and social activities. Whew! It can all take a toll on you and your car. Kraco’s line of Interior Car Accessories can help by keeping your car organized and…

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