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Made in the Shade – Do Sun Shades Really Work?

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With Summer upon us, the interior of your car is going to heat up. Nothing’s worse that getting in your car when it’s been sitting in the sun and burning your bottom or hands on the hot surfaces. Admit it, you know it’s happened a million times. You’ve probably thought about getting a sun shade to put in your windshield, but wondered, does it really do the job? We can tell you for sure that…

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New Sunshades for Kids and Grown-Ups from Kraco

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Kraco’s throwing some shade… sunshades that is. We’ve got a whole new lineup of sunshades for kids and adults including Retractable Roller Shades, Cling Shades and Sun Cutters™ glare reduction products. There’s sure to be a style and design to fit every personality. Take a look! Retractable Roller Shades Tell me, what could be cuter than your “little buddy” staying out of the sun with this “Sleepy Cat” juvenile sunshade? Look how happy he is!…

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Longer Days Call for Road Trips and Window Tint

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Now that Spring has sprung and Daylight Savings time has arrived, you’ll probably be spending more time on the road enjoying the sights and sounds of summer. While road trips can be lots of fun, it’s always nicer when your vehicle is cool and comfortable. Here are seven reasons why window tint should be on your list of items to keep your ride cooler and enhance summer fun.   Cooler Travels Studies show that a…

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10 Ways to Make Your Car Pet-Friendly

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On the Road with Your Best Friend For many of us, our pets are our family. Often, we load our pups in the car for a road trip just to find out our vehicle is not very pet-friendly… it’s not very safe, not very comfortable and not inductive to a clean car interior. Here are ten ideas you can use to make your car more pet-friendly: In-Car Tether – Prevent dogs from jumping into the front…

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Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad from Kraco

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for some great Father’s Day gift ideas for dad, Kraco’s got more than a few suggestions:   Sun Shades: Help keep your dad cool even in the heat. Sun shades can reduce the inside temperature of his vehicle by more than 40 degrees!   Window Tint: Take your dad’s coolness to the next level with Window Tint for Side and Rear Windows. Available in 5…

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Get Out of the Sun with a Glare Guard Sunshade

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Now, more than ever, we are aware of the damage UV rays from the sun can cause. Even when you’re in your car, some people can be very sensitive to the sun – it’s harmful. Find your place out of the sun and guard your skin from too much sunlight and glare with a Kraco glare guard sunshade. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the destruction of the ozone layer over time has made it…

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Accordion Sunshades Block Out the Sun’s Rays

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Just because you like to spend your off time outdoors in the sun doesn’t mean your car enjoys it. In fact, temperatures in vehicles can rise 40 degrees or more in the first half hour of being closed. Try sitting down in the driver’s seat and grabbing the wheel… ouch! Make sure your car, truck or SUV is noticeably cooler when you reenter by placing a Kraco® accordion sunshade in your dashboard window. Accordion sunshades…

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Kraco® Sun Cutter Sunshades Keep You Riding in Comfort

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You’ve packed your family and/or your pets in the car and you’re on the road again. Maybe you’ve decided to go visit the relatives or you’ve just taken some time off to get out and enjoy the scenery. It’s a beautiful sunny day but no one can see a thing because of the bright light bouncing off the windows. Keep your passengers comfortable by reducing the outside glare with Kraco Sun Cutter sunshades. You can…

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