Glare Reduction

Protect children, adults and your car’s interior from the harsh rays of direct sun.

Now there’s a fun and fashionable solution to add comfort for passengers young and old riding in the back seat of the car. Kraco’s line of Glare Reducers offers several models of stylish shades and clings that reduce the bright rays of the sun and are designed to compliment any vehicle’s interior. When the sun is shining, Kraco® Glare Reduction will also help prevent premature damage to upholstery and flooring.
For the little ones, Kraco® Juvenile shades and window decals feature adorable characters and patterns that kids will love and Mom can count on to block direct sunlight to keep kids comfortable. Available in in decals, cling, roller and side shades, they’re easy to install when needed. And with the new holiday and seasonal designs, you can change the designs to correspond with the seasons.

Choose from a variety of styles and designs.

Kraco® Roller, Cling and Sun Cutter Shades

Kraco® Juvenile Shades and Decals

Kraco® Seasonal Cling Shades


Kraco® Automotive Sun Protection

Kraco® Glare Reduction products add a layer of protection between the sun and your car.